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Yoga - Fitness by Black Label

Alexandra Glatman, the Yoga Guru behind Fitness by Black Label
“Yoga is the practice of quietening the mind,” Patanjali, The Yoga Sutras
As February approaches and the demands of our hectic life schedules begin to take their toll, Perfect 10 introduces Travel Refined by Black Label. The service providing you with the support and sustenance required to get you back on track with your personal fitness goals.
The Travel Refined by Black Label service offers clients a unique opportunity to take their 24 hour on-demand beauty and wellness therapist overseas.  Expert therapists will travel with clients to their luxury villas, chalets and private homes to ensure clients enjoy continuous pampering throughout their stay, leaving them feeling de-stressed, revitalised and rejuvenated during their holiday.

Leading Yoga instructor and fitness guru, Alexandra has joined Black Label as our top yoga teacher available for 24 hour private bookings. We caught up with Alexandra for a few minutes to find out a bit more…

How did you escape the ties of a corporate career and land the dream job?
After leaving university in 2009, I started training as a psychotherapist and worked in adult and child mental health until January 2016.  Feeling like something was not right in my life, I embarked on a personal journey to South East Asia in the search of an opportunity to learn how to combine western psychology with eastern tradition and practice and find a deeper sense of serenity. Having spent some time in Myanmar and northern Thailand, I arrived in Bali and rather spontaneously enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training course, which changed my life. 

It sounds incredible, so did you simply learn from experience or do you hold any qualifications?

I hold both 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga teacher training certifications, as well as additional qualifications in pre and post-natal yoga, level 1 Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers, level 1 iRest yoga nidra and additional experience of mindfulness and meditation through training on a silent retreat.  I also studied under Cat Kabira, Zephyr Wildman, Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley.
Would you recommend yoga to everybody?

Fitness is about finding what’s right for you, this can be a challenge in itself. Yoga leaves everyone who practises feeling, fitter, healthier and happier. Not only does it improve your flexibility and core strength but it also helps reduce stress, tension and exhaustion. In a hectic world where our time and energy is demanded by everybody and everything around us, yoga provides empathy and compassion and leads you on a journey to discover inner peace. If you haven’t tried it and you are looking to reach new fitness and wellness goals, I would definitely recommend a private session.
With Travel Refined by Black Label, clients will have access to unlimited and extensive treatment menus 24 hours a day including sunset yoga and pilates to customised massages, facials, manicures and blow dry’s.  Alexandra now offers a balancing combination of active yang style Yoga, with strengthening and toning postures. All treatments are expertly delivered in the privacy of a client’s own residence.
To book or for more information please contact our reception team on 0203 1241 306 or blacklabel@perfect10mobilebeauty.co.uk

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