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Fashion trends for A/W 2015

When it comes to fashion, if you want to keep up you must always be thinking ahead! We were planning our Secret Garden Party hairstyles and outfits back in the spring and now we’re already familiarising ourselves with the upcoming autumn and winter trends - and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Whilst it’s fun predicting what accessories we’ll be donning and cut of trouser we’ll be slipping into, it’s always better to be well prepared and in the know, which is why we’ve highlighted five of the biggest fashion trends you can start getting ready for, now!

Bling is back

We’ve loved wearing simple midi rings and thin chain necklaces, but we’ve been craving something a little meatier, which is why we’re super excited to announce that bling is making a big comeback! Think feminine, sparkly broaches and hair slides, Pat Butcher earrings and diamante chokers - the brighter, the better. If anybody questions your big dangly earrings, just tell them Balenciaga told you to wear them.

Flirty hemlines

Pencil midi skirts have served a purpose, allowing us to go from day to night with the change of a shoe, but we’re more than ready for something new. This autumn, you can expect to see lots of flouncy hemlines on the racks that will offer you a fashionable, sophisticated look that’s still nice and comfy! Perfect for the office as well as for the bars after work, Louis Vuitton are calling this a personality skirt. Just go with it.

Fur shoes

When we think of fur shoes we instantly think of Carrie Bradshaw’s fur-topped, ‘sexy’ heels - the heels we secretly always wanted to try on. Whether you were a fan of them or not, it’s time to get a little brave as fur shoes and boots were seen all over the runway this year and are set to be a big hit. Some of the furry feet we spied were slightly outrageous, but at least they’ll make for a good conversation piece!


We’ve well and truly mastered collars already this year, so now it’s time to move onto cuffs. Think big, beautiful, furry, detachable cuffs you can add to the sleeves of your coat when that wind really begins to bite. Whether they stop around the wrist or work their way all the way up to your elbows, the great thing about this trend is you can create several different looks by mixing and matching coats and cuffs!

Short skirts, high waists

You shouldn’t be embarrassed to get your pins out and show them off, especially if you’ve paid for a beautiful spray tan or luxury wax! Just because we’re heading into winter doesn’t mean we need to start covering them up. Skirts are getting shorter and even higher waisted as the months roll by, which can make for a super flattering look. The higher the waist the longer your legs look and the more exaggerated your silhouette becomes. Winner!

Which of these trends are you most looking forward to trying? Tweet us @weloveperfect10 and let us know, we can’t wait to chat about it!

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