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Summer trends you have to try

All of us at Perfect 10 just love experimenting and trying out the new hair and beauty trends each season brings with it. Last spring we rocked nude nails, bright lips and big beach waves, but now we’re well into summer it’s time to try something a bit different! Here are five trends we love that you must try this summer!

Light blue nails

It’s more than likely you’ve already noticed the trend of the light blue manicure, as everybody from Kylie Jenner to Lauren Conrad have been showing off their summer nails online. Essie’s “Borrowed and Blue’ polish is the perfect example of the shade you need to go for - and remember ladies, chips are well and truly out of date, so keep those talons neat!

Feminine updos

Allowing your tresses to flow freely always feels great, but in the height of summer when you’re rushing around the city all you want to do it pull your hair up off your neck and out of your face! Luckily, we’ve been spotting a number of beautiful feminine updos around town, some laced with plaits, others with flowers. Choose your style and have a go - or get one of our ladies to do it for you!

Glowing tan

Not many of us are fortunate enough to be able to pull off the pale skin look, but thankfully the vampire complexion trend has been safely stored away until a later date. Now it’s all about achieving the perfect natural looking tan - the tan that suggests you’ve just spent ten glorious days in Santorini! We swear by Sienna X spray tans, but don’t take our word for it - give it a go!

Flash tats

Don’t be mistaken, these are not simply just for fun, they are fast becoming the most sought after fashion accessory of 2015! The metallic temporary tattoos are a great substitute for the jewellery you don’t want to risk losing on holiday or at a festival and you can put them just about anywhere! Just be wary of the tan lines...

Peach lips

We love wearing bright colours on our lips and firmly believe it’s one of the best ways to perk yourself up! This summer, rather than opt for classic reds and pinks, we urge you to try peach. Whether you go for a natural peach or a big, bold colour, you’ll find it goes with anything and is a great way to mix up your pallet!

If you’ve got an event coming up that you’d like a little extra help getting ready for or just fancy a spot of last minute pampering to cheer you up after a difficult day or week, give our ladies a call!

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