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Five essentials every girl should have in her handbag

It’s not very often a girl will leave the house without her handbag, in fact, we’d say it’s pretty unheard of! Whether she’s off to work, shopping with friends or hitting the gym, her handbag is always on her arm, because it is full of essential things she may need at any given moment. You’d be surprised at just how much you can fit into an average sized bag, but in case it’s becoming a bit of a squeeze, we’ve whittled it down to just five things we believe every girl should carry…

Compact mirror

How can you possibly know whether your lipstick needs a touch up or you hair needs putting back into place if you don’t have your compact with you? If you’re lucky, your face powder might well have a mirror on the back, but if not, there are plenty of neat and pretty compacts to choose from. You can’t arrive to an important appointment with lipstick on your teeth, so it’s incredibly handy to keep in your bag for a quick check!

Nail varnish

You can tell a lot about a girl from her nails - so don’t give the wrong impression! We’ve all taken to stuffing our hands in our pockets to hide our chipped nails in the past, but by simply carrying around your colour in your bag, you can see to those pesky patches right away to avoid embarrassment! Just make sure you pop the bottle in a little bag in case of spillage.


It’s amazing what a smear of lipstick can do to your appearance. When you’re feeling low or a little under the weather, a touch of bright colour to the lips can make you look and feel ten times better! We cheat and carry two shades in our bag - one for a quick fix and another to take us from work to the town!



Kirby grips, slides, bobby pins - whatever you call them, you’d be wise to keep a couple on you at all times! Perfect for pinning that stray strand of hair back into place or changing your ‘do halfway through the day, they won’t cause kinks as hairbands often do and you can even use them to help apply your false eyelashes (they’re great for dabbing on the glue)!


Tissues are essential, especially at this time of year! Tackling the heat and high pollen throughout the summer can be a nightmare which is why you should always have a tissue at the ready! When your eyes are streaming, your mascara is running and your nose is stuffy, you’ll be thankful you have a pack of kleenex in your bag!

Remember ladies, if a last minute appointment has come up and you’re feeling unprepared, just give Perfect 10 a call and we’ll be there to get you ready and raring to go!