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5 beauty tips that you wouldn't believe!

As we enter into the summer season (all too readily!) we must begin to change our beauty regimes to prepare for hotter temperatures, humidity and lighter evenings! We love experimenting with new trends each year, rocking spray tans and brighter nails, but it’s important to learn to do so sensibly, without causing any damage or going over the top. Luckily, over the years we’ve collated some fantastic beauty tips, some that everybody is aware of and others you just wouldn’t believe! Here, we’d like to share with you some that are rather out of the ordinary, but work brilliantly nevertheless!

Banish those bags with green tea bags

Most of us have tried to introduce more green tea to our diets after hearing of the health benefits, but few of us make use of the bags after the tea has been drunk. Once cold, try applying the tea bags to closed eyes and leaving to rest for five or six minutes. Not only does it feel great, but the caffeine-based product helps to de-puff and tighten the skin under your eyes!


Achieve perfect eye makeup with sellotape

Ensure sellotape isn’t too sticky before applying diagonally at the corners of your eyes to use as a guide for nailing winged eyeliner and pressing under your eyes to collect fallen eyeshadow. It’s best not to use the same piece of tape for both if you want to avoid smudging!

Lather your legs in conditioner

If you’ve run out of shaving foam or are just desperate to achieve silky smooth legs you can show off this summer, make the most of your expensive conditioner! Spread a generous amount over your legs in the bath and leave to soak before shaving, you’ll be amazed at how great they feel afterwards!

Freeze your eyeliner

As mad as it sounds, if you want to avoid crumbly or squidgy eyeliner, the best thing to do is to pop it in the freezer for fifteen minutes. The pencil will harden and you’ll find it far easier to glide along your lashline and create the perfect border. The same goes for lip liner and eyebrow pencils too!

Fix chipped nails with glitter

There’s nothing quite like having freshly manicured and polished nails, but if you don’t take care of them they will chip! You should always wear gloves when washing up and use gentle soaps that care for your skin and nails, but should you fall victim to a dreaded chip - fear not! Simply paint a glitter top coat over your nails and hide the evidence. Of course, if you really want your nails to last, go for gels!

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