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How to retain you glamour during festival season

Festival season is pretty much upon us  and with Coachella kicking everything off, it’s our first look at what’s going to be big this year, did you see Kendall Jenner?  Whilst we’re bombarded with photos of the best celebrity field styles, it can be hard to recreate their glamour when you’re sleeping on the floor and probably not showering for a few days – nice. But before you book into the nearest hotel here are our five tips for looking your best this summer:

Dry Shampoo

When it comes to your hair, a blow dry isn’t going to stay sleek for long; dancing, inevitably rain and sleeping on the ground is going to leave it looking a little more frazzled. It’s time to get more creative! Go for braids, plaits and tousled hair which you can keep in place with spray and clips. If you don’t get a chance to wash it then you can always turn to the trusty dry shampoo to absorb oil, add volume and it helps with the smell too. We love the different scents from Batiste!

Coconut Oil

Forget bringing make up remover, moisturiser and mouthwash – who has space for all that? Instead all you need is a little pot of coconut oil. It’s pretty much a miracle worker. Use it to wipe away your make up at the end of the day, and since it doesn’t have nasty chemicals it will help to prevent breakouts.  Lather it on if you get sunburn to help treat it and once you’ve brushed your teeth gargle with it to help keep your teeth super clean.

Gel Nails

When we have our nails done we instantly feel a little bit more put together, even if we are super tired from dancing and can’t muster the energy to get dressed. But not just any nail polish, nope we’re all about gel. The beauty of gel nail polish is that it lasts for up to 14 days and has much more staying power than normal polishes, so you can keep your nails looking glamourous and colourful rather than chipped and dirty, because no one wants that look. Plus it means you won’t need to waste time doing touch ups.


Keep make up simple, you want to be partying and hanging with the bands rather than stuck in front of a mirror. Go for a bright lip stick, statement glitter eye shadow, or cute stick on gems (think Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella 2013 and Jamella Jamil’s stars), they’ll have a dramatic, glamorous effect with minimal effort. Use a make-up setting spray to keep things in place, you don’t want it to all start slipping off when things get hot in the crowd.  Or keep things completely stripped back, embrace your natural look, apply a little primer, some lip balm, a little concealer and let your skin breath – hey if you can feel free, why can’t your skin?


Chances are your usual make up routine and what you normally eat tends to go out of the window, hands up who lives on a diet of cider and halloumi/chips/burgers? Three days of this is enough to leave your skin looking a little worse for wear, but all is not lost. If you can keep hydrated you can still keep your natural glow. Drink plenty of water, spritz a hydration spray on your face a couple of days and if you’re really hanging then take a couple of rehydration sachets – it’ll cure that headache faster .

The most important thing at any festival is to have fun, but if you can do it looking glamorous then why not?

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