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Interview with ActiveinStyle

We were privileged enough to get the chance to interview ActiveinStyle owner Caroline Lucy about exercise, health and life in London! Here's how it went... 

1. Tell us a little bit more about Active In Style?

At ActiveinStyle, we believe in the possibility of living your best active life the fit, fashionable way. Featuring a curated collection of the very best activewear from around the globe, we are UK and Europe’s go-to online retailer for the modern woman who aspires to live a life of wholeness, and do it all in style. Dedicated to sourcing the most converted, functional and fashion forward designs from leading industry brands, it’s our aim to bring you the very best in active apparel with a stylish statement. Think fabrics that compliment the body in motion, designs that keep you cool through moisture wicking and breathable technology, unique prints in colourful hues, and functional shapes that move and bend with every turn. Inspired by the everyday woman who is just as much performance focused as she is style conscious.

2. What is your top exercise tip?

To do something ‘active’ each day; whether it’s going for a run, to the gym, a yoga session, a quick 10 minute power walk at lunchtime or even taking the stairs instead of the lift. Doing something, however small, will help you lead an active and healthy lifestyle.


3. How often do you exercise?

I try and do three workouts a week which incorporate weights and cardio training; however sometimes with a busy schedule this is just not possible so if I can’t get to the gym I’ll walk as much as possible whether it’s to meetings or to work etc.


4. What is your top tip to stay healthy?

Drink water, at least 2 litres a day; eat your greens, I try an incorporate them into every meal I eat; and sleep, I can’t function properly without it.

5. What Is your favourite Perfect 10 treatment?

Manicure & pedicure – I like to have my nails done regularly but I find it so hard to get to a nail bar to have them done, particularly as I don’t want to take my daughter with me. Its so good to be able to to have someone come to me where she can continue to play at home while I have them done!


6. Where is your favourite restaurant in London?

The new Ivy Garden Chelsea opened at the end of March and I think it’s going to be my new favourite for summer with its huge, stunning, Hampstons-inspired garden – perfect for sunny brunches and lunches.


7. How do you manage having your own business a beautiful daughter and staying fit?

It’s all about finding a balance and schedulingJ! I plan my workouts at the beginning of the week to be sure I get time to exercise. I try and keep to my set work days (Monday to Thursday) and never work when my daughter is with me as it’s not fair on her and I can’t concentrate properly. Some weeks it all works and I fit everything in but it often doesn’t and I find my gym time is replaced with extra hours in the office or I’m working late into the night to catch up. It’s all part of running your own business though and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

8. What is your ideal Saturday?

An early morning workout followed by brunch with my husband and daughter somewhere local. Then off to the park, followed by a late lunch or drinks with friends or family.


9. What do you typically eat for breakfast?

I will either have eggs with spinach, avocado, tomatoes and maybe smoked salmon if I have it at home or I’ll have cereal with yoghurt and fruit – I make my own gluten free muesli with buckwheat, millet, chia, nuts and coconut.


10. What is tour favourite beauty brand and why?

I love A’Kin – its an Australian natural skin care brand that is free from parabens and sulphates. Their Rosehip oil is my staple product, I use it all the time and on my daughter too.


Perfect 10 clients can use the code PERFECT10 to receive 15% discount on all purchases at Active in Style!

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