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Perfect 10 Tips & Tricks - Spray Tan

This week in our tips and tricks series we are focusing on spray tans. It's getting to that time in the year when we are all dreaming of a summer holiday and looking at our dull skin colour. You can brighten up with a Perfect 10 spray tan and here are some pointers on how you can prepare: Perfect-10-Spray

1. Exfoliate! Make sure you have a good old scrub in the shower before you have your spray tan. This will stop you from getting patches and the tan peeling off easily.

2. Shave - but do so the day before. Do not shave just before your spray tan, as the tan will soak into your open pores and you may get some dark spots on your skin.

3. It is entirely up to you if you want to wear underwear or not. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Our therapists bring along disposable knickers, but if you want to wear your own its fine. Make sure it's not an expensive pair or a white pair!

4. Don't worry about your hair - our therapists will bring a hairnet with them to stop the spray going into your curls.

5. Don't moisturise before your spray tan! It acts as a barrier so will stop the tan sticking to your skin.

6. The therapists will bring a pop up spray tent with them so you don't have to worry about your house getting covered in tan! They will also have towels on the floor too to prevent any drips or spills!

7. At Perfect 10 we use Sienna X products and can colour you from numbers 6 - 12 (light to dark) or in Tonight's the Night, which will develop in 4 hours and is good if your going on a night out and need a quick top up!

Due to popular demand... and everyone wanting to look like the Victoria Secret models for the new year, Perfect 10 are launching contouring. We are putting together the final touches so we can give you your summer six packs, so keep an eye out for more news on that soon! Until next time... Your Perfect 10 Team x