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Julie Hamshere is a hypno-psychotherapist and reflexologist that specialises in fertility and pregnancy.  Hypnotherapy has been practiced successfully for centuries and is a powerful therapeutic tool used to create a condition of profound relaxation during which time there is an altered state of conscious awareness.  However, no need to fear you will not know what you are doing because the client is always in control!  

Hypnotherapy can help with many issues, including: fears/phobias; anxiety/stress; insomnia; pain management; cravings/weight issues; smoking cessation; and other psychosomatic problems.  Even just to allow oneself to step out of their busy lives and into a wonderful state of relaxation is sometimes needed for everyone at different stages in their lives.  Julie can also teach her clients self hypnosis techniques to do on their own for general relaxation and confidence boosting.  

Read more about Julie's services at www.feelthinkdo.com.  Quote P10 and receive 10% off your first consultation!

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