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P10 Profile: Meet Evvie & Herb's Mel Wilton

Mel Wilton is the Founder + Creative Director of the new Hong Kong based shoe label Evvie & Herb.  Her cool shoes reflect her effortless, chic style.  Read what inspires her, where she likes to getaway and what beauty essentials she doesn't leave home without...  

Q: What is your typical daily beauty regime?

A: I cleanse my face morning and night with a very mild Philosophy Purity Cleanser.  I'm all about multitasking with my beauty products so during the day I apply a NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser with SPF and Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturiser at night.  

Q: Your hero skin product you cannot live without?

A: Philosophy Purity cleanser. It is a great cleanser that is gentle enough to use everyday.  

Q: What hair products do you swear by?

A: Since moving to Hong Kong I have started using Evo hair products. They do a great job of minimising the effects of the extreme humidity so that your hair doesn't become too dry and fluffy. I also love to support Australian brands where I can!  

Q: What’s your fav nail shade of the moment?

A: At the moment I am going back to basics with my nails. With summer approaching I love wearing nude tones like Essie's Ballet Slippers on my toes so that my nails don't clash with my favourite open toe sandals.  

Q: Describe your style… A: I know its cliche but as a fashion designer I basically have a uniform so that I do not have to think too much about what I am wearing each day.  It consists of a good pair of jeans, a vintage tee and a pair of sneakers, which I will wear into night with a pair of heels.  

Q: What inspired you to create Evvie & Herb? A: The main inspiration for the brand came from living in a number of large cities such as London, New York, Sydney and Hong Kong. I was overwhelmed with the number of shoes available that whilst beautiful, were impractical for such city environments. The brand is also a dedication to my grandparents, Evelyn and Herbert.  

Q: How is Evvie & Herb socially responsible?

A: We believe in giving back to the community and endeavour to use eco friendly products where possible.  We work with the Chi Heng Foundation to create our eco shoe bags. They are a registered charity in Hong Kong and the philosophy of "Chi Heng" is to put "wisdom into action" to help the underprivileged. CHF's work in China focuses on providing comprehensive care and support to AIDS impacted children, with education being the main focus. To find out more about Chi Heng please visit their website: www.chfaidsorphans.com.  

Q: What’s your perfect day?

A: Starting the day with hot yoga, doing some sketches for the new line, then going for a hike or to one of the many beautiful beaches in the New Territories in Hong Kong. Finished with a few wines overlooking the harbour and its been a great day!  

Q: Where is your ultimate getaway destination?

A: One of the best parts of my job is being able to travel.  I love going to big cities to learn about what fashions are trending and I equally enjoy going to places off the beaten track seeking out inspiration. My most recent destination was to Taipei and I am looking forward to a trip to Kuta Kinabula in a few weeks time.  

Q: What is your favourite Perfect 10 treatment and why?

A: Definitely the Deep Tissue Massage.  Starting a new business can be stressful so there is nothing better than getting a massage to revitalise at the end of a busy week!   Evvie & Herb is offering P10 clients 20% off all purchases during the month of June.  Shop HERE and use the code 'P10client' at checkout.  Happy shopping!

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