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Perfect 10 top 10: Tips from Health & fitness expert Nicola Addison!

One of London's leading health + fitness experts, Nicola Addison from Eqvvs Training, reveals some of her tips to staying fit, healthy and happy!  
1. What is your typical daily beauty regime? My go-to skincare brand is La Roche-Posay.  I cleanse with the Physiological Cleansing Gel followed by the Nutritric Cream morning and night.  
2. Your hero skin product you cannot live without? Emu Oil is the perfect protectant for my skin when I am on my bike.  
3. What's your fav athletic wear brand? Charli Cohen - Great clothing that has been designed by someone that gets fitness!
4. What trainers are you obsessed by lately? My Nike Free Runs – so light they are like slippers!  
5. What's your ideal workout? 30 minutes of heavy weights doing compound moves like clean & press, squats and pull ups which are some of favourites.  
6. What is your top tip for staying fit? You can’t expect to be 100% on top of your game at all times. Expecting yourself to do that is setting yourself up to fail. Aim for 80% good on training, food, sleep, stress, and booze.  80% is enough across the board to achieve the body you want. That is, unless you are Jessica Ennis!  
7. What healthy foods do you swear by and why? Edamame!  The perfect snack that is packed with protein.  
8. When you're not at the studio, where would we find you at the weekend? In a curry house.  I’m from Leicester so it has always been a weekly event!  
9. What is your top London restaurant of the moment? The Rum Kitchen in Notting Hill.  Great food, tasty cocktails, happy friendly staff and a dance floor downstairs.  What else do you need?!  
10. What’s your favorite P10 treatment? Getting a P10 massage after a long, active day is the best!  Super relaxing and helps with any soreness and tension in my muscles.  
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