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Perfectly Bare

After seeing Margot Robbie's insane figure (and nude scene) in Wolf of Wall Street there were a couple of things we noticed that made us feel like we could improve on our nude selves as well:(1) she def had a spray tan (we noticed it under her arms and must note that we are pros at keeping those brown stains at bay); and, (2) There was for sure a wax involved!  Knowing we specialise in these 2 treatments gave us a small glimmer of hope that post tan and wax we too could quite possibly resemble Miss Robbie herself!?  

And so, with our muse in mind, we have come up with the Perfect 10 Tips to looking fab in the nude:  

1. Spray Tan!  Let's face it - having a tan makes us feel better, gives us a healthy looking glow and covers up any little spots, thread veins, etc. we would rather hide!

2. Wax!  Bikini and under arms are a must, and the leg wax is always a nice treat especially when you plan to go away on holiday.

3. Mani + Pedi using the L'Occitane en Provence hand and foot care range (we now use for all P10 manis+pedis) leaves our hands and feet feeling + looking super smooth.

4. Eat well!  We love a good cleanse from our friends at Detox Kitchen who specialise in ensuring you eat healthy, balanced meals along with fresh juices and supplements. When we do a 1-2 week Detox Kitchen cleanse and skip the alcohol we see and feel a world of a difference!

5. Get a blow dry - a lady always feels fabulous after a nice blow dry.  We like Hari's salons where they offer a wide range of prices for blow dries starting at £25.

6. Stretch + Relax - doing a restorative yoga class at Tri Yoga rejuvenates your body + mind and leaves you feeling stress-free which helps with the whole de-robing moment;)

7. Strike a pose - this may sound cheesy but practice makes perfect so if you are planning to show off the final results it never hurts to do a little dress rehearsal (or in this case no dress) in front of the mirror before the big reveal.

8. Candle light - stock up on lots of candles which create soft, romantic lighting that makes everyone look their best.  We recently discovered the Daylesford Organic candle range that has the most beautiful geranium leaf scent and comes in a cool mason jar.

9. Scent of a woman - luckily these days the fake tan smell goes away after the first shower, but it never hurts to add a little extra subtle scent to your repatraeur.  We are loving Le Labo in Rose 31 which is described perfectly on their website as "a symbol of voluptuousness and unqualified femininity...highlighted by a distinctly physical animal note, giving this perfume a disconcerting sense of mystery."  Enough said.

10. Be yourself - I know we just listed 9 things to do to make yourself look great nude, but in reality the number 1 tip is to be confident and be you.  Confidence is always the most attractive quality hands down.  Plus, when it comes to men they ultimately don't care if you're tanned, had a blow dry and drank fresh juice today...that's what we like to do for ourselves!