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New Year, Old You...Just Better!

Welcome 2014!  "New Year, New You" seems to always be on repeat when January 1st hits.  We don't know about You, but we decided this year we don't need to become brand new - we shall keep the good old us, however with some improvements...  

1. RELAX - living in a city that is non-stop we find ourselves going into overdrive pretty much all day.  That cannot be healthy and definitely doesn't help keep our desire to drink a full bottle of vino nightly at bay; therefore, we are instituting some relaxation into our lives with YOGA.  And after going to Tri Yoga (with studios throughout London) we discovered a place where you do not need to be an expert yogi nor hippie to enjoy the experience and gain the benefits.  From yoga flow to mat pilates and restorative yoga, you are guaranteed to get an hour + of your day where your mind chills and you walk out of the room a better YOU.  Plus it gives us an excuse to wear our fav Lucas Hugh workout gear which is 50% off right now!!!  

2. LAUGH - Laughter relaxes the body, boosts the immune system, releases endorphins...need we say more?  Positive attitude = Positive day and we are all about positivity in 2014.  So we are making sure to practice our laughter at these must see performances and films: Russell Brand comes to town; Monty Python Live Reunion; Bad Grandpa (Johnny Knoxville's latest flick) which is so bad but so hilarious; and the must see Broadway play Book of Mormon!  

3. NOURISH - After working with our friends at The Detox Kitchen we realise what and how you eat is one of the key factors to staying healthy, fit and ultimately feeling good.  This year we plan to keep up the fit feeling by juicing it up using these fab recipes with our new Philips Avance Juicer (the easiest one to clean on the market!).  

4. LOVE - We pledge this year to embrace all the people, places and things we love!  Some of our current loves are (1) Diptyque candles which all smell divine and are worth the splurge (they make amazing hostess gifts too!) (2) Tom Ford Bronzing Powder to give us some colour in these sunless, winter months (3) Any movie with Ryan Gosling (4) Soaking up the sun (wearing SPF of course!) at our fav holiday designations including Ibiza, St. Tropez, Marrakech and LA, and (5) Pamper ourselves with P10 massages, facials, manis + pedis and everything else that makes us feel beautiful and fabulous!  

5. DO - 2014 is the year to make things happen.  Whether its starting your own company, getting a promotion or traveling the world - here's to getting it done!  

Happy New Year!!  xoxo Perfect 10