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P10 Sleep Essentials!

With the holidays right around the corner our social calendars are on overdrive and we are starting to wonder - "When can we sleep!?". Inspired by our busy schedules and coffee fuelled mornings (and days!) we put together a list of the P10 sleep essentials we swear by to keep you cozy all night and wake up looking refreshed....  

1. The US's latest import J.Crew (obsessed!) has the best flannel PJ's and the good news is they won't break the bank!  Makes a fab gift too!  

2. In this cold, winter weather our hands and feet are feeling it the worst.  Aesop's Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm (good for your feet too!) gives your skin the intense dose of moisture it needs to soak up all night long and wake with silky, smooth fingers + toes!  

3. Since London has minimal sunlight our faces are looking a bit pale (to put it lightly), but fear not because James Read's Sleep Mask Tan works overnight to magically make your face look refreshed and a tad shade darker so you have a nice glow for your holiday fiestas.  

4. We all need a little cashmere in our lives and why not treat our feet to these Pure Collection Cashmere Bed Socks that are on SALE as we type...!  

5. And last but not least, the sleep essential that we are addicted to is This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil + Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.  For a limited time pick up the This Works Sleeping Partners gift set that contains both and save yourself £12!

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