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Antonia Burrell: The Holistic Facialist Partners with Perfect 10 for the Ultimate Facial Experience

With beauty products and advice saturating the market some never know where to turn or whose advice to take.  Antonia Burrell is a breath of fresh air.  Her holistic approach to caring for her clients leaves them walking out of her facials with so much more than just healthy, glowing skin – she treats the whole body from the inside out.  
Antonia Burrell discovered her love for beauty and skincare at the age of 19, researching and testing products out of her family home.  She was fascinated by what made people have certain skin types. The fact that she would get different opinions on how to treat her own skin from almost every beauty consultant she asked, motivated her to dive even further into the topic to truly understand the reasoning behind why skin does what it does. And, ultimately how to keep it healthy and happy!?  
After working at Aveda for 6 years, Antonia was teaching the Chemistry of Aromatherapy at the London College of Fashion (now known as the University of Arts) while also running her own skin clinics.  She came across a woman with extremely troubled skin that nothing seemed to help. Antonia mixed some aromatherapy extracts from her course to help reduce inflammation and balance the hydration and pH of her skin - the product worked wonders!  When clients started approaching her to purchase the oils she realised this was her calling.  Voilà, the Antonia Burrell skincare products were born!  
Antonia’s comprehensive approach to beauty therapy means not only does she improve skin and the many conditions that one may have, but she also treats the mind by working with meridian lines (energy channels in the body), acupressure to release pressure points in the skin and neck, and conducts a specialised massage technique that is even an accredited beauty qualification at the University of Arts. She advises on diet and overall daily lifestyle to ensure the client can maintain healthy skin through healthy living.  Her goal is to have clients walk out of their facial feeling like they had a full body treatment – completely relaxed and rejuvenated from their face to toes.  
We asked Antonia to share some useful tips and here’s what she said:  
Q: What makes Antonia Burrell products standout from the current brands on the market?  
A: The Antonia Burrell product range focuses on problematic skin, including common issues like adult acne, post-inflammatory pigmentation and premature aging.  Not to mention the range is also amazing for maintaining healthy skin with little or no issues.  What is so unique to these products is that they work for all skin types by combatting most skin issues while maintaining balanced hydration, which is essential for healthy skin.  Because the products are all made with naturally-derived and organic plant actives based on clinical studies, they protect the skin from free radicals by keeping it rich in antioxidants, and contain anti-inflammatory and anti-blemish properties.  
Q: What is key to a healthy skincare regime?  
A: Cleansing the skin is the number 1 priority!  You must make sure the cleanser you use is gentle and restores the natural pH balance of the skin.  The Antonia Burrell Luminous Light Polishing Powder is a gentle exfoliator you can use daily that has powerful plant active ingredients combined with Zinc PCA to help reduce redness and inflammation, while keeping the pores purified and skin energized.  I recommend to my clients to try and cleanse once in the morning and twice in the evening.   Another essential part of skincare is to use a facial oil, especially when the seasons are changing to help the skin from becoming too dry. Antonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing Oil is the world's first pure plant, all natural water soluble cleansing oil that not only smells divine, but also helps reduce stress.  Other oils that can help prevent over-drying are kiwi seed oil for oily skin and avocado oil for dry skin.  However, before running to your local Waitrose you must ensure any oils you put on your face are cosmetic grade and were extracted in an organic way.  
Q: What are common skin conditions you treat and when do clients see results?  
A: The top 3 skin conditions I see are breakouts, pigmentation and premature aging.  Breakouts can be caused by many things like hormones, not cleansing the face properly and even by touching your face too often – the average person touches their face with their hands 100 times a day!  I work with the client to understand their lifestyle and advise on some changes that could be made to aid in restoring and improving the condition of their skin. For pigmentation the combination of vitamin A, C and E are amazing at helping to reduce and prevent more spots. The Antonia Burrell Radiant Light Facial Serum contains all 3 vitamins, along with antioxidants that help protect the skin from further damage caused by environmental pollutants.  And of course wearing SPF 50 daily on your face is essential.  I use Ultrasun because it’s a clear formulation that works for all skin types and colours.  I also appreciate that the brand only produces skin protection products to ensure it truly focuses on having the most advanced sun protecting formulas.   For premature aging using a nourishing, hydrating face cream like Antonia Burrell Cream Supreme Facial Moisturizer (one of our top sellers!) that is easily absorbed into the skin is essential for preventing fine lines and wrinkles.  Another must do for premature aging and general skincare as a whole is drinking TONS of water!  The skin and brain crave so much water, especially under stress.  Adrenaline should not remain in the body so by drinking lots of water and exercising you can help flush the toxins away and keep your skin and organs healthy.   In terms of results some clients see results immediately after one treatment, while others can take several months to see changes in their skin.  Its very particular to the skin we are treating.  
Q: What are your thoughts on chemical peels and are there more natural ways to get results?   A: I am not opposed to using chemical peels when they are necessary.  For example, with acne they are sometimes needed to help clear the skin.  I use a natural, chemical-free peel using fruit extracts, salicylic and lactic acid that act as a gentle mask on the skin.  There are different strength peels and I generally use a low strength to ensure the skin is not stripped too harshly.  
Q: What’s your favourite Antonia Burrell product?  
A: The Cream Supreme is one of my favorites and one of our bestsellers.  It is the ultimate multi-tasker to work on aging skin, reduce lines, improve skin texture, brighten skin and help with pigmentation and blemishes.  It’s a hero product!  
Q: Favourite beauty product that’s not Antonia Burrell?  
A: I cannot live without Philosphy’s Grace perfume.  It smells divine.  
Q: What diet is best for healthy skin and overall wellbeing?  
A: I live by the Alkaline diet which focuses on restoring and maintaining your body pH at the optimum value.  An alkaline diet will help to restore balance, detoxify your cells and reduce acid build up. It optimises oxygen transfer throughout the body, helps eliminate toxins and combats the stresses of modern living.  
Q: What supplements do you personally take for your skin and overall health?  
A: I take Sun Chlorella for my skin and hair.  Solgar Vitamen C is a must, especially when I’m stressed I up my dosage.  I also take Solgar Vitamen B complex to help with my stress levels since my days are long and hectic.   In between my Perfect 10 massages, I love bathing in magnesium flakes to help reduce stress, relax and remineralize my muscles after a long day on my feet – they are a lifesaver!  
Q: What is your vision for the Antonia Burrell brand 5 years from now?  
A: My hopes for the brand are to continue to have more people experience the products and enjoy the great results.  I’m not only interested in changing peoples skin, but also in improving their self-esteem.  It’s more than just a facial, cream or serum – I want the Antonia Burrell experience to be a holistic approach where we help with the entire well being of our clients.   My partnership with Perfect 10 is so exciting because not only am I a loyal client of theirs, but I will also now be able to help other P10 client's obtain radiant, flawless skin and ultimately feel better about themselves as a whole.  Plus, to be able to experience everything in the comfort of their own home is even more relaxing!    
The Antonia Burrell for Perfect 10 Facial Experience is launching November 12th.   For a limited time Perfect 10 clients will be able to experience the Antonia Burrell products from the expert herself in the comfort of their own home.  To book an appointment click HERE! 

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