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NEW Perfect 10 Detox Package!

Summer is over and the cold weather is setting in.  You are permanently exhausted and seem to have an eternal cold that you just can't kick.  Sound familiar!?  Need something to jumpstart your body and mind into a healthier routine?  The Detox Package is your ultimate beauty and detox 5-day-plan that will help you de-stress and rejuvenate from the inside out!  THE

DETOX PACKAGE 5-DAY-PLAN:  CLEANSE - You receive 5 days of cleansing juices and snacks from London's premier healthy food delivery service Detox Kitchen.  The 5 day detox package contains three juices and three snacks daily - all made using 80% green vegetables, 10% fruit and 10% nuts and seeds. It also includes a supplement pack including acidophilus (a potent probiotic which works wonders for your digestive system), psylium husk (a wonder powder that helps to cleanse your digestive system) and Chlorella (a natural detoxifier for keeping their hair, nails and skin in check). Each juice and snack is packed full to the brim of nutrients that will have you feeling rejuvenated in 5 days.

PAMPER - Start with a body brushing session (essential detox technique for the skin!) to stimulate circulation, open the pores of the skin and detoxify the lymphatic system. Follow the body brushing with a Perfect 10 Aromatherapy massage that is a 60 minute full body massage focusing on easing all tension in the body to provide total relaxation.  To finish off the pampering, indulge in the Perfect 10 manicure and pedicure that include relaxing hand and feet massages.  A good night's sleep guaranteed!   The Detox Package is £250.  Book HERE now!

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