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PERFECT 10 PROFILE: Lily Simpson, Founder of Detox Kitchen

Lily Simpson founded Detox Kitchen - one of London's premier food delivery services - to provide customers with healthy, filling food that actually tastes good!  Between DK and the newly launched Detox Kicthen Deli in Harvey Nichols she is staying busy keeping Londoners healthy and satisfied!  We recently took a juice break with Lily to reveal her beauty and nutrition rituals...  
Q: What is your typical daily beauty regime?
A: I wake up very early to take my dog for a walk so I just wash my face with Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser followed by their toner. I use Olay moisturiser and Shu Uemura concealer under my eyes. As I work in the kitchen for a few hours in the mornings, there's no point in putting any other make-up on, however concealer under the eyes is always a must!  In the evenings I cannot go to bed without a long soak in the bath.  I always put Epsom salts in the bath, it's great for removing toxins and I feel it makes my skin glow. I clean my face with Clarins cleanser and toner. Then I apply Dr. Nick Lowe Serum followed by his night cream.  
Q: Your hero skin product you cannot live without?
A: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. I use it on my lips, if I have a breakout, and it even prevents scars and blemishes.  
Q: What food ingredients do you love that help keep your skin glowing and healthy?
A: Lots of fresh green vegetables, organic salmon and white fish. Almonds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, walnuts and avocados are my top five skin brightening ingredients. Also fresh juices are great for your skin. Try cucumber, celery, apple, mint, avocado and lemon - it's too good!  
Q: What's The Detox Kitchen Deli's most popular menu item?
A: Our chicken burgers with cabbage, kale and sesame seed slaw. At Harvey Nichols our avocado salad is the most popular salad and our aubergines stuffed with tomato and roasted quinoa are the favorite special.  
Q: What is your favourite Perfect 10 treatment and why?
A: I love a good manicure and theirs are the best. I had the detox massage and it was brilliant, very revitalising...I may be addicted!   Checkout Detox Kitchen Deli at Harvey Nichols (see their menu) and receive a complementary Beauty Shot (beet, ginger root and lime) with any purchase through the month of October.


Detox Kitchen Deli at Harvey Nichols


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