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Shape Up!

You're having a manicure and your therapist asks, "What shape do you want?", and you say something along the lines of "a bit rounded but square too...does that make sense?!".  No worries because those days are now over - behold the Nail Shape Diagram!

You can see all of your nail phases in one place: Square in the 90s sporting acrylics; your grandmother's long Oval nails that have been the exact shape in the exact red shade your entire life; the Mountain Peak press-ons you sported for Halloween in college when you were Morticia; and the classic Squarely Rounded and/or Rounded you have maintained for several years now. Well ladies (and gentlemen), be prepared because phases are-a-changing.  

According to Vogue's September issue (and what Vogue says goes, right!?) 'Almond-tipped nails are the shape to file now'. So there you go...although some of us are still trying to get into that look.  Baby steps.

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