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The Who, What, Why & Where on OneFineStay...


WHO? onefinestay is a service that offers its members short-stay accommodation in cities around the world for better value and a more unique experience - with the additional option to also rent their homes while away.

WHAT? Stay in a home, live like a local and save money on your next vacation and/or rent your home when you go out of town.

WHY?  Why not make money by simply just going on vacation?!  onefinestay stores and catalogues all of your valuables, insures everything and cleans your flat before you come home...what could be better?

WHERE? Currently operating in London and New York with plans to expand to other major cities including Paris, Los Angeles, Miami and Berlin. HOW? Start by simply filling out a personalised report to see if onefinestay is for you!  

For further details visit onefinestay.com.

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