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Now is the time to get ready for Summer.... Yes Really!

When summer rolls around, we in the Western world shed our clothes to get out in the sun to achieve a tan of sorts.  However, the very act of bearing skin that has been under wraps all through the winter means that we sometimes end up with conditions that we don’t find attractive. Thread or spider veins are just such an affliction. So here is some information, so when Summer rolls around you will prepared to bare all!!

Do you have Thread Veins? Thread veins are those tiny veins that run under the skin close to the surface.  They are usually red or purple in colour and they are like little wiggly lines.  Sometimes also described as broken veins, they can be rather unsightly.

Prevention is better than cure! These veins can occur simply because we are aging.  The skin and vessels become a little rigid over time and hormonal changes in the body do not help either.  Pregnancy and the menopause are also classic times when these veins appear.  They also run in families and those people who spend too much time in the sun will get them on their faces as well as on their legs. So, we are saying make sure you always wear your SPF and do not get too much sun damage.

Treatment There are several different therapies being used these days.  Lasers are used to zap small pulses of light at the vein to completely destroy it.  There are different kinds of lasers that treat thin surface veins and stronger ones for the deeper blue veins that are causing problems. If the vein is larger than 4 mm, sclerotherapy is normally used.  A solution is injected into the vein which causes damage.  The vein in turn will shrink back and disappear.  This takes around eight weeks to complete but a dermatologist will have to be consulted for a better diagnosis. So you can finally have those perfect legs.  

At Perfect 10, we do not offer this service. You need to be really careful about where you go, so that is why we recommend the SK:N clinics. They are all over the UK and have lots of salons across London. They have had lots of wonderful press and often help on Channel 4's embarrassing bodies. Our tester tried the SK:N clinic in Middlesborough and loved it. Check them out here!  https://www.sknclinics.co.uk/clinics/middlesbrough